Debut album featuring artists from Skrat, Parvaaz, White Mug, Alexis and others...


Pieces That Do Not Fit


Pieces That Do Not Fit

The album started out exactly as it is named. A sum of sound waves randomly brewed in my head (heart?). I often told myself that I seem to oscillate towards anything that seems to be spinning on my record player or my winamp, and my writing reflects the same. Which is why, I told myself I’d always be stuck with little pieces of music, jumbled moods and genres that shall never fit.

But I guess the dearth of music drives some people to do strange things. I had just parted ways with the ever-so-popular Live Banned after having seen it from inception along with Dheeru and Amrit; and then, Sridhar Varadarajan, (who also incidentally took my place in Live Banned) decided to let me try to stitch my little pieces of music together in his ridiculously good home studio, which has since evolved to Studio 304.

It is my humble request that you treat this multi-lingual concoction of six songs with the love and patience you would give anything in its infancy, as I feel it has turned out to be quite beautiful and a very worthy listen, sculpted straight from my heart. I can already never thank each one of you who will listen to this enough. My sincere hope that you shall lend me your ears through ‘Pieces That Do Not Fit’ and my future endeavours (if any).

What stands before you today, asking for your uninterrupted audience and imagination over the short expanse of a couple of minutes under a half hour, is my labour of love over the last two years.

– Dhruv Kumar



Dhruv Kumar

Guitarist, Non-singer, Songwriter based out of Bangalore. Noodling in the 'indie scene' since 2003. Bands I've played gigs with and / or been part of - S.O.S, Ultrasound (he he), Today's Special, Live Banned, Guys and a Whale, Killer's Breed, All the Fat Children. Apart from music; I also like motorcycles (especially the British kind), and the number 46.

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